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Weekend retreat with Yawa Bane Kaxinawa / Default service
This retreat includes two ceremonies with Ayahuasca, Rapé and Sananga, as well a sweat lodge on Saturday.

Contribution: R3450 per person

All meals and camping included.

Contact me on liesl@spiritusvictoria.com for questions or to reserve your place.

Haux Haux
Event starts at 18:00
25 spots
R 3,600.00

Past Event

Module 3

Health, Disease and Death & Temazcal (Sweatlodge)

“Only what is imperfect can evolve. The perfect has stagnated, crystalized. Therefore, only the imperfect has a future.” Bert Hellinger.

We step forward by pushing the body out of balance, to avoid falling. Physical ailments are the soul signalling that a movement is needed.

We will explore – through theory, systemic exercises individually, in pairs and in group and full shamanic constellations – what might be the transgenerational causes of some human diseases. By deepening ourselves into the morphogenetic field we will experience the movements of spirit returning back to health. This way we learn a shamanic lesson: first, heal yourself, from inside. After, expand your light and share your happiness with all beings in nature.

This 3 Day Shamanic Family Constellation workshop dealing with health, disease and death can be attended as a stand-alone workshop for you and your family’s wellness or as part of training (module 3) to help others in a professional manner.

The group will differentiate and experience the three consciousness (individual, collective and spiritual) phenomenologically (in the body’s sensations, messages and movements) as well as how death serves life and what it means to “take your life completely”. We will also observe another link between the Systemic Theory and Shamanism by experiencing the power of the elements when air feeds fire that heats earth (stones) that meets water inside the Temascal hut, our mother earth’s womb. Four doors, four moments in this healing ceremony to honor the four directions.

Attendees will experience a shamanic drum journey to meet with power animals, guided meditations, systemic exercises, shamanic family constellations, circular dance and a Sangoma ritual for water purification. Our core group is going through an accredited program to become shamanic constellators, this is our second module. The full program is designed so people can join in at any of the 4 basic modules. After the workshop, you are welcome to join the main group.

Check it out on our website: www.shamanicconstellations.com

Contribution: R3900 (Module 3 Training)
50% discount for past students of Gui and Claudia Vassão.

Be constellated during the workshop ≈ 900 Rands
Contellation with horses duringthe workshop ≈ 1200 Rands

1 Day ≈ 1,500 Rands
2 Days ≈ 2,700 Rands
3 Days ≈ 3,900 Rands

16 & 17/Oct >> Private Consultations
(± 1 hour + 2 Feedback Web Sessions) ≈ 1200 Rands;
Private Consultation with Horses (± 1 hour + 2 Feedback Web Sessions) ≈ 1800 Rands
Private Consultation with Ayahuasca (±3 hours+ 3 Feedback Web Sessions) ≈ 2,700 Rands.
Private Web Consultation (± 1 hour) ≈ 900 Rands;

To book or for more info, contact
Liesl Kruger: (83) 280.8060 liesl@spiritusvictoria.com

Guilherme Barcellos C. Souza

Trainer of Shamanic Family Constellators,
Family and Business Hellinger Constellations - ISPAB, Germany
Generative Trance Practitioner (Ericksonian Hypnosis), USA
Virginia Satir Human Development Model Practitioner, Germany
Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, USA
+25 years of Ayahuasca,
Sangoma Thokoza ≈ Umkhulu Sebastião,
Shamanic Journeys Leader, Pipe Carrier, Vision Quester, Sacred Dancer and Counselor of Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire, Mexico
Bachelor in Theater Arts,
Quantum Radiesthesia,
Kinesiology Applied to Homeopathy, Switzerland
Reiki and Amazon Flowers.
Event starts at 09:00
15 spots
R 0.00

Past Event

Ayahuasca Healing ceremony - Santo Daime / Default service
Santo Daime was founded in the 1930s in the Brazilian Amazonian state of Acre by Raimundo Irineu Serra,[1] known as Mestre Irineu. Santo Daime incorporates elements of several religious or spiritual traditions including Folk Catholicism, Kardecist Spiritism, African animism and indigenous South American shamanism, including vegetalismo.

Ceremonies are typically several hours long and are undertaken sitting in silent "concentration", or sung collectively, dancing according to simple steps in geometrical formation. Ayahuasca (Daime) is drunk as part of the ceremony. The drinking of Daime can induce a strong effect which is embraced as both emotional and physical healing.

Fardados: R650
Non-fardados: R1150

Venue: TBA upon booking.

Please contact me on liesl@spiritusvictoria.com to book your place
Event starts at 20:00
20 spots
R 0.00

Past Event

Medicine Temazcal (sweat lodge) / Default service
In the Medicine Temazcal we share the medicines of San Pedro and Ayahuasca, while focussing our intentions and prayers on honouring the tobacco as the First Medicine, the purpose, the water, the fire and Mother Earth.

There is something deeply universal about the structure of this ceremony and its allegiance to the creative matrix through the archetypes of Father Sky, Earthly Mother, sacred sisters and brothers, the sacred fire, the altar, water, songs, food and medicines. It teaches us more about living as open-hearted beings - not only with each other but among all sentient life on earth.

The duration of the ceremony will be about four hours, whereafter we will continue sharing and singing around the fire.

Contribution: R1250 pp (payment options available)

Venue: TBA upon booking

Please contact me on liesl@spiritusvictoria.com to book your place
Event starts at 18:00
20 spots
R 0.00

Past Event

Module 4 - Relationships & Sacred Drumming

"The greater soul moves only in one direction: and that is to bring to union which has been made separate.” Bert Hellinger

Sometimes a heart closes for love. It can’t love as it used to. It does not allow itself to be loved by another heart. It remains trapped in pain.

This will be a 3-day workshop of systemic experiences and exercises (mini-constellations), full constellations and shamanic journeying that provide transformative and enriching experiences to heal your heart and discover new ways of relating.

I often hear people talk, with some frustration, that after a relationship that did not work out, they had another, but even with someone else, it all seemed the same!
The old problems remain, haunting like known but undesirable ghosts, who insist on making themselves present.

Where is the source of so much difficulty in having a loving relationship that flourishes and gives sweet fruits? Family Constellation can check if there is resonance with some situations that can be the source of so much mismatch, pain and suffering:

• Previous unresolved relationships.
• Previous relationships of parents or grandparents.
• People forgotten, neglected or excluded in the family system.

And when the systemic influences – morphogenetic resonance – have already been seen and dissolved, then we come to another fundamental aspect: self-knowledge!
The more I know myself, the more I let others be who they truly are.

We will foster self-knowledge with the healing power of sound through the medicine drum. In this Shamanic Family Constellation Workshop, participants will learn how to play the sacred drum and lead shamanic journeys with into the multiverse dimensions to find the Power Animals that accompany each one, travel to other places or meet with spiritual guides. Thus, getting more acquainted with your own soul.

Furthermore, we will reveal what our teachers tell us about Couples Relationship; Homosexuality; Sexuality and Tantra; Marriage, Separation; Children and Adoption.
And, by entering the fields, we will feel the dynamics that rule these issues.

Contribution: R3900 (Module 4 Training)

Please contact us if you have any questions or to confirm your attendance.


Event starts at 09:00
15 spots
R 0.00

From time to time we host events and will list them in our calendar. Look below and feel free to book if you want to join. Link to ADMIN AREA